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Step 1

Sign Up

We send you adapters for your lab balances

Step 2


We will convert your existing formulas

Step 3


Buy your stuff: wireless printers, scanners & iPads

Step 4


Configure your system through our web portal

Compounding Lab Balance Adapters
Compounding Lab Balance

We work with your existing hardware

We support your old legacy scales. No need to buy new USB-based ones, we support good old-fashioned RS-232 ()

When you sign up, let us know how many balances you have. We send you adapters for each and a WiFi access point for the adapters to connect to.

Formula Conversion

If you have an existing formula management platform such as PK Compounder or CompoundAssist, we will coordinate a conversion. The process typically takes one day.

Order Conversion

Order Equipment

We will provide you with a small shopping list.

  • iPads for technicians and pharmacists in the lab
  • Wireless label printers
  • 38mm x 29mm labels
  • Bluetooth 2D-barcode scanners


You will be able to configure your system in our portal. Most compounding pharmacies spend 1-2 hours for this process.

# Task Description
1 Add your lab equipment Enter each piece of compounding equipment you want to track. Connect adapters to your balances and enter the code for each adapter.
Print labels for each piece of equipment. Each piece of equipment is given a label with a barcode to scan to track when it's been used.
2 Provide a user list Send us a spreadsheet with your users. Everyone will receive an email with a login and password.
Once users login, they can generate a secure login barcode to speed login time
3 Enter Inventory Add your inventory and barcode each container
4 Begin Now you may start creating formulas, creating new compound logs, and focus taking your pharmacy to the next level!