Modern software for the modern compounding pharmacy lab.

compounding lab system scene

Superior workflow

Time is always in short supply. ElectricLab's workflow system helps keep everyone in the lab on task and informed. Reports highlight the information you need for continuous improvement.

Intuitive & enjoyable to use

Today, you can do amazing things on your phone. Now you can compound with the same uncomplicated experience you expect from any other app.

Easy to implement

Putting ElectricLab into action is a quick win for most teams, large or small. Often, from sign up to production is under a week.

Fully wireless & paperless

Maybe the most import part of our system is what it doesn't have. Empower your team to be mobile, free to move about in the lab without being tied to a particular station. No more logging in and out here and there...

Older lab balances?

We support legacy scales just as well as new ones! We can even connect to other types of equipment you may need to read from!

Designed to streamline

Built from the ground up to bring the best of the modern innovation to compounding. Data transparency and visibility are fundamental for the efficient functioning of a compounding lab. ElectricLab provides a new window with which to see your lab in a new perspective and illuminates actionable information making your lab effective and efficient.

Flexibility without limitations

Our app provides you with tools to manage formulas, workflow, and resources in unprecedented ways. For example, formulas can be templated so you can change instructions and formula tasks in one place for all of them!

PK Compounder RxDispense Conversion

We can migrate your existing formula management system such as PK Compounder and RxDispense

Convert your system today!

We can migrate your existing formula management system such as PK Compounder

Become mobile and use barcoding in new ways

Fully responsive on notebook, tablets and smartphones

More information allows more automation

Our app pulls your certificate of analysis for you

Our app talks to your scales through WiFi!

Easily get to the data you need

Monitor inventory levels, get alerts, and create purchase orders from the app

Works with your pharmacy management system to record lot# and perform a final product check